Unsalted Cultured Butter

Vermont Creamery


8 oz

Vermont Creamery's expert buttermakers carefully add live bacterial cultures to fresh Vermont cream. The cream ferments overnight; by morning, it's thickened and wonderful notes of buttermilk and hazelnuts have developed. Making cultured butter is much like making wine, you want to ferment your cream like your grapes, slowly, to produce the best aromas. The longer you culture — the better.

This butter is great for spreading on bread, waffles, and pancakes; baking pies, cookies, and cakes; or sautéing meat, veggies, and fish. Each package contains 2 sticks of butter.

Vermont Creamery

Websterville, VT

After learning how to make traditional french goat cheese in France, founder Allison Hooper was working at a dairy lab and milking goats in Brookfield, VT in the early 80s. Co-founder Bob Reese, working for the Vermont Department of Agriculture, was charged with finding a local Vermont goat cheese producer for a Vermont-centric dinner of which he was in charge. He asked Allison to make the cheese, and Vermont Creamery was born. For 34 years since that first goat cheese, these two improbable business founders have dedicated themselves to making consciously crafted dairy that reflects their core values of fresh, local products, traditionally made. In fact, Vermont Creamery, in addition to winning many awards for quality, were the first American producers of mascarpone and French-style cultured butter. A Certified B-Corp, Vermont Creamery is also dedicated to sustainability in its products, working on reducing its plastic packaging and educating people on the benefits of local production and sustainable dairy farming practices.

Keep refrigerated.

Cream, Cultures. Contains: Milk.