Premium Silan Date Syrup

Soom Foods


12.3 oz

A natural sweetener, sometimes referred to as “date honey” because of its thick, syrupy consistency and rich, complex flavor - it is milder in sweetness yet deeper in flavor than honey or maple syrup. Silan Date Syrup is made with only dates from the fertile Jordan Valley and The Arava Desert that are steamed and pressed to perfection. Drizzle on pancakes, replace other sweeteners in smoothies and sauces, top roasted veggies to really wow your family, and use it in your favorite craft cocktails. Did we mention it is amazing in cocktails? Vegan, Paleo, and certified Kosher.

Soom Foods

Philadelphia, PA

The “Soom Sisters” - Shelby, Jackie, and Amy - had no idea that a little known ingredient hiding in the back of their childhood pantry would eventually become their life passion. But a moist, flavorful carrot cake served by Jackie’s mother-in-law in Israel would change everything. You see, in Israel, tahini is revered for its flavor and versatility and used in everything from sauces and dips to decadent desserts. But in the United States, high quality tahini just didn’t exist. So, if the sisters were ever to taste that incredible carrot cake again without jumping on a plane, there was only one solution… to start their own tahini company! And they did. The sisters combined their skills and passions to create a business founded on a love for food, family, and community. In 2013, Soom Foods, a certified women-owned company, was born. Since then, Soom has been dedicated to bringing some of the world’s most flavorful foods to their kitchen and yours.

Store in a cool, dry pantry for easy drizzling.

100% Dates.