Plain A2 Kefir

Family Farmstead


32 oz

Kefir is believed to have originated in the Caucasus Mountain region of Eastern Europe where the local people would ferment milk using grain-like colonies of both bacteria and yeast. These symbiotic colonies are known as "Kefir Grains.' The people in that region viewed kefir as a medicinal food and believed it could enhance well-being and longevity. Family Farmstead Dairy "slow-cultures" their kefir at low temperatures for longer periods of time to bring the flavor to life! They believe the pairing of real kefir grains with their milk containing only A2 proteins delivers one of the most powerful probiotic drinks on the shelf. Taste the difference!



Family Farmstead

Worcester, NY

Family Farmstead is just that -- a family-owned and operated farm specializing in regeneratively made dairy and produce. Their 185-acre operation in Central New York is home to the 45 grass-fed cows that produce their A2 milk.

What is A2 Protein? Milk has several types of proteins, and one of those proteins is beta casein. There are two main variants of beta casein: A1 and A2. The variant is determined by the genetics of the cow. A1 is the most common variant today, and is found in virtually all milk on store shelves today. A2 is less common, and sources of milk containing only A2 proteins can be hard to find. Originally all cows milk contained only A2 protein, it’s believed that a genetic mutation occurred that resulted in A1 protein.

Keep Refrigerated. Consume by the date on the packaging.

Organic whole milk, kefir grains microfora, kefir yeasts, live and active cultures ( Lactococcus lactis subsp.,Leuconostoc sp., Lactobacillus sp., Streptococcus thermophilus.)